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As Strong as I can Be - Banana Bites Family Health

Spike the MonkeyHi kids, moms and dads welcome to Banana Bites, Health and Wellness tid bits the whole family can do so you can be "As Strong As You Can Be!" For 21 years Spike and I have been encouraging kids and families to be happy, health and to follow their dreams. Remember if you have a dream you want to live long, so eat right and keep fit so you can be strong! This means:

  • Believing in yourself
  • Hanging out with friends that like you for who you are
  • Eating right and keeping fit

Dreams are the things you like to do more than anything else or doing the things that you're really good at! Maybe you're really good at baseball or art or dance or helping others. We want you to discover your passion and be the best you can be so you can enjoy a happy and healthy life!


Family is the nucleus of life and most important in a child's life, especially when it comes to making changes. If kids see their parents eating right and exercising they are more likely to follow a healthy path themselves. Learning by example is the best! It keeps everyone involved, motivated and is more fun!

Here are some Banana Bites to get you started!

  1. Make realistic goals.
    1. Choose activities and healthy eating habits that the whole family can do and everyone can achieve.
    2. Choose 1 or 2 simple changes per week and track your progress.
    3. Don't expect perfection.
    4. When you're family achieves a health habit then reward yourselves with something fun everyone would enjoy like a special trip or hike with a picnic lunch or bowling or a movie.
  2. Commit to as many health meals together as possible. I know you're all busy however meals together:
    1. is good quality time well spent and keeps everyone in touch.
    2. serves as a good role model to eating healthy.
    3. helps maintain a fun and health attitude towards good food.
    4. planned meals tend to be a lot healthier.
  3. Make exercise fun focus on fun vs skill.
    1. Plan physical activities whether it's a 20 minute walk around the park, sledding in the winter or swimming at the pool.
    2. Encourage kids to play outside and be sure they are safe.
    3. Include exercise as your daily routine such as taking the stairs or walking the dog.
    4. Offer a variety of activities. Let your kids choose what they like best or what they're good at. *Remember overweight kids may be uneasy with competitive sports so choose activities everyone can enjoy!

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