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Hi kids, moms and dads! Every month we're going to highlight a new fruit or vegetable that may be familiar to you or brand new! We want to introduce you to all kinds of fresh produce and get you excited about different ways to eat them together. We want to encourage the whole family to get involved in these fun and healthy food activities. Enjoy!

The fruit in February is TANGERINES!!

Fun Facts and Banana Bites' about Tangerines

Did you know?

  • Tangerines are part of the citrus fruit group and look a lot like oranges.
  • They taste very sweet and are easy to peel!
  • Different types of tangerines are called clementines and mandarin oranges.
  • The winter months are the best time to buy tangerines in the grocery store because it is their growing season in California, Florida and Arizona.
  • Tangerines, like oranges, have a lot of Vitamin C. Vitamin C will help your body stay healthy so you can be as strong and follow your dreams!
  • The best recipe for tangerines is to eat them fresh by peeling them and popping the slices into your mouth one by one!
  • Or you and your family can also try out this awesome tangerine smoothie recipe (pdf) called Tangerine Tornado!

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